Mrs.Vickie (mrsvickie) wrote in 2007weddings,

A few things I've looked at...

Click images to see them from the site.

Wedding Wonderland Invitation:

Garland of Holly Invitation:

Red wedding dress:

Red, Gold, and White wedding dress:

Red and White wedding dress:

Rose Purse:


Red Shoes:
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Oh I sure wish we could get married in the winter! I feel like you can be so much more creative - very nice things you've considered!! I especially love the red dress!
I think the red one is my top fav. and then followed by the gold red and white.
Wow, that red, gold, and white one is STUNNING.
The red dress is absolutely beautiful and so are the rose purses.
LOVE the red dress
I LOVE that red dress! I'm not too keen on the red and gold one. It looks cheap but that could be poor picture quality on the seller's part. That red dress is gorgeous and is making me have second thoughts about my own dress. I can't get over the price tag either! Usually I'm not big on the gathered fabric as I think it looks messy but this dress pulls it off perfectly.

I think the rose purse would be a good flower girl prop if you are having one. I wonder how nice they are. I'd use that as my everyday purse after the wedding.
Wow! Thank you so much for posting this. I'm in the middle of trying to choose a dress, and have considered buying a brand name dress off e-bay. But these are just as beautiful! I've ordered stuff from Hong Kong before, and the sizing was way off, plus the translation on the page wasn't accurate. This jennie chick looks like she knows what she's doing. I really like the 3-color dress. I'm getting married in April, but I really want to add some pizzaz to my dress with either red or blue. Thanks for posting.
The red, gold and white one is BEAUTIFUL! If it's between those three dresses, I would go with that one.
OMG I was looking at the white gold and red one too! If you get fromt hat seller (jennie something0 let me know because I plan on ordering from her too!
I'll totally keep that in mind!!
I love the white dress with the simple red bow with long tails on the back. It's very beautiful and elegant.

My parents got married in December way back in '65, and my mom did some really beautiful stuff. Their cake was GORGEOUS - three simple white tiers with a cascade of red roses and a bit of ivy trailing down it... that was long before people put real flowers on cakes regularly.

Good luck!
I am absolutely IN LOVE with the first invitation, and also the all red dress. GORGEOUS!
The dress looks really amazing in real life. I tried it on they have it in white too. The purple looks better.
LOVE THE RED...i too am looking for a red gown.

and a note on the shoes --- truly lovely, but make sure you have slippers for the reception...ow! :-)