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Best Bridal Boutique in DFW

This post is a bit belated, but better now rather later. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience I had with a local bridal place, and why I decided to splurge on a dress I could actually try on, as opposed to buying online. This is the review I've been posting on search engines all over the internet (i.e., CitySearch, Yahoo, Insider Pages, JudysBook), and I'm trying to think of other ones.

Bridal Boutique Lewisville, TX
Caroline, the owner, is sweet, experienced and honest, and she makes you feel really comfortable. She suggests things, but she doesn't pressure you to try them on or buy them. She gives her opinions and thoughts without dominating yours. The shop is small and homey, so it's kinda like hanging out at a friend's house. Don't let the shop size fool you, however, as they have lots of dresses to choose from. The shop has a second level, and their old store down the way is packed, too.

I originally wanted to buy my dress online, but I was open to buying from a bridal store IF I could find one where I would feel comfortable. The dress I bought cost more than I had planned to spend, but the experience was worth the expense. I'm a plus-sized girl and I was snubbed by other places. I'm so appreciative that Caroline and her staff didn't make me feel awful about my size. Plus none of the other shops had larger-sized bras to wear while trying the dresses, but Caroline had one that fit me, and I didn't feel self-conscious walking around in the back of her store in my underwear. Also, she stayed 30 minutes after closing to help me on both Saturday and Sunday. My sister found a perfect bridesmaid dress, too--that was more of a decision-making process than choosing my dress.

I suggest you try here first. Be very open to suggestions because this is Caroline's business; she knows what will look best on your body type. I ended up with something I never would have picked out myself, but when I tried it on it looked killer.

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