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Wedding woes

So I had this wedding nightmare a while back where I walked down the aisle and all of my FH's side was full and I had 2 rows filled.

Well, it might come true.

Aside from my parents and my only brother coming, I have one aunt and her son (my cousin) coming. My family in Chile and Bolivia I knew couldn't come. But I figured some of my family from Alaska would come (I'm in WA state) especially since we sent the save the dates 6 months out. (And some of them work for the airline and can get free or really cheap tickets easily, like they always do). Well, with 38 days to go, the date on the RSVP cards had come and gone and I had ONE RSVP card from the 7 families on my dad's side. (It was a "decline" - but with good reason). The others? We had to call (or I had to email cousins that didn't ever call us back) and all of them said no, they can't. A couple had said "oh no, we just got plane tickets..." Did you not ever know that I was getting married? Did you not get the save the date? Their response is sorry....we'll send money. I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY! I WANT YOU TO SPEND MY SPECIAL DAY WITH ME! It makes me really sad. It makes me feel very unimportant.

It makes me worry a lot that my nightmare might actually come true.

Sorry for the rant. Had to do it somewhere...
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