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Post-Wedding Pics + Farewell

I'm pretty bogged down with honeymoon stuff (we leave Friday), but I wanted to pop in and say that I'm finally married! After two long years, it's finally over! Bob and I were married June 2 in Montgomery, AL. It was everything I could have ever wanted and a little more.

Our guest book table

Me hugging my dad

Me wiping away the first tear of many

Us during vow time, I think.

Me getting my ring

Me giving Bob his ring

The Kiss! This is my current comp background :)

Presenting the new Mr and Mrs Bob McGough

Us walking out

The bouquet toss

The garter toss

Me showing off my sweet kicks :)

The newlyweds

Our delicious Publix cake

The cake topper

The Groom's Brownie - Best Idea Ever!

Another cake shot

Our napkins

Out pro-pics are online at TaylorPhotography.Net. Click "Gallery Login" and use the password TSM-060207

Our grand total was about $5,000 excluding the honeymoon. We're taking a 8-day cruise through the Caribbean. The honeymoon is about $3400 after you factor in passports, a hotel the night before, gas money, etc. So around $8,500 for the wedding of our dreams is not bad at all, especially considering the fact that two years ago I thought that we were going to end up spending like $30k to get what we wanted.

I highly recommend all of our vendors. They were so amazing throughout everything. I also recommend, which is were I got my moissanite solitaire.

I'm glad it's all over now. I didn't really enjoy planning the wedding. It was a headache and a hassle, for the most part. I'm happy to have it behind me and to finally be able to enjoy married life.

Anyway, Good luck to everyone. Hope your weddings are everything you and your FHs want them to be.

The new Mrs. McGough
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