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Cake...mmm, cake

Right. I've found my wedding cake. It's just so beautiful, it makes me just...mmm...want to eat it. :) (By the way, I'm a sucker for ribbon.)

The big cake stack situation.

The individual parcels, colored red for example purposes.

Pity the set up for 125 people is £975. Ouch.

Admittedly, it includes not only 125 of the parcels, but a top tier, set up and delivery. The cakes themselves are £4 a piece, so £500 for that. They're big enough and nice enough looking to substitute for dessert at the plated dinner, but another £475 for delivery and set up? Even if the top tier is £100, it seems a lot.

Anyone have any other price figures for UK individual wedding cakes?

Also, I've decided that I do NOT want to cut the cake. Am I going to get away with this, you think?

(We're sticking with the individual ones because we have people with various food allergies and small individual cakes allow us to serve everyone without worrying that so and so accidentally ate egg/wheat/soy and so forth.)
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