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First dress worthy of sharing...

A friend of mine went with me to try on dresses in a small mall store. This store had very little to choose from and had one dress in each style in varying sizes. Before trying this dress on I tried a similar dress on and it was too small. I asked her if she could find a similar style in the next size. I tried this dress on and was pretty comfortable. I liked it, but would change a few things. This dress has the four things I didn't want in a wedding dress: beads, lace, strapless and a big train! I'm surprised that I'm sort of liking these things. This dress as is does NOT go with our motorcycle themed wedding. This dress did made me feel like a bride though. I liked it enough to call my mom, who works a couple blocks away to come see and take pictures as I did not have my camera with me. Btw, the service was great, very quick and helpful. They recorded the dress style I tried on incase I came back to the store. The lady was a bit pushy in wanting me to put money down on the dress now, but with my wedding being May 19th, I decided I would keep looking(I have an Alfred Angelo Appt Saturday afternoon) and see what else I can find. I just wanted to share and get ideas and opinions from all you wonderful Brides to Be!

She added a necklace costing just over $100 as well as a head piece thing(?) costing just over $100. Glad I'm not a jewlery fanatic because although they look nice I have a family heirloom necklace to wear, and I would be fine with a cheaper head piece if any at all. I would definately try to get rid of these tan lines and the tummy by the wedding day! LoL
As you can see the dress size was too big and was fastened in the way it would need to be altered. I asked the lady is the train would be able to be cut completely or just a bit to make a smaller train. It's possible, but I felt so bad because it's very pretty, just doesn't fit out theme. !
Similar to a veil I plan to buy online for less money.
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