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well...can scratch this off the 'things to do for the wedding" list: flower girl dress
saw this dress on ebay about five dresses down the list with only 11 minutes left in the auction and didn't look any further because it's perfect for us! one of our colors is silver and no matter what dress i get it'll be chiffon/organza. this will be SO sparkly and adorable for our evening reception! awww. and it'll fit her next year. and....*drumrole* with shipping and the exchange rate it was $39.43 canadian!!! go me!

ps: i think i might get rid of the flower on the front of the dress and just leave it as plain satin ribbon. that's the ONLY thing i don't love about the dress!

what do ya'll think ??? and now...flower ring or glittery tiara for her hair? i'm thinking blingy tiara!

next up: kid 'glass' shoes or similar blingy footwear!

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