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Disney Honeymoon Registry

I know there are a few of you out there who are having Disney Honeymoons, and I was so excited to see an e-mail in my inbox the other day telling me that the Disney Honeymoon Registry is now up and running! Looks like you have to have accomodations booked before you can complete your registry wishlist, which I don't have yet, but I'll definitely be bookmarking this and returning to it.

ETA: I figured I'd add my other tip about travelling Disney...Chase's Disney Visa Card gives you 1% rewards in the form of Disney Dollars (to be used in the parks, hotels, cruises, Disney Stores, etc) and with that link you get a free one-day pass to the parks that you can use on its on or use towards upgrading to a multi-day/park hopper pass. No, I don't work for Disney, or Chase. I'm just a Disney nut who looks for all possible ways to make my Disney trips more affordable. :)

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