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My wedding. March 24, 2007

March 24, 2007: My wedding day!

I was up sooooo early this morning. I went to bed around 2 am and got up at 5:30 am. I had ordered breakfast for 7:15 -7:30 am to come via room service.  I was so hungry when I woke up. I got up took a shower and put on my “getting ready attire” White sweat pants, a purple cami top and a zip up sweat shirt with a heart and the word BRIDE in little bling letters. My hair in a loose bun. I took my dress, crinoline, and bra and spread them on the just made bed. I took my accessories and put them on the desk.


Breakfast finally arrived at around 7:30am and I ate a nice hearty egg omelet with toast, potatoes, a bacon strip and a large glass of orange juice.  I felt so much better after eating. Of course I was still tired. Shortly after that Elise and Erica arrived in my room. We sat and fielded the 5 or 6 calls from the hair and make up person.

After Elise and Erica were done they left and Jamie and I were alone in the room.  Jamie was freaking out about her hair so she redid it.


After we were all done. Jamie and I headed down to the ballroom to see how things were coming along. I was dressed in my sweat outfit, make up and hair, tiara and veil.  There we talked to the florist and the catering manager. And saw everything in progress.

We ran into a few relatives down stairs (I can’t remember who) but then we went back up stairs.  My mom and dad arrived around noon to get their gifts (they didn’t make it to the rehearsal dinner) then they left.  Traci showed up and then Elise and Erica and finally Carole and two of her daughters. Jamie helped me get dressed and accessorize. And then we waited.


The Videographer showed up at my room just after Carole got dressed and he videotaped for a while. (I can’t wait to see that.). 


Around 12:15pm my wedding coordinator called and said the limo had arrived so whenever we were ready to come down.  So we all left my room and headed town the very small elevator. We got many looks of amazement when the elevator stopped on several floors of people wanting to get on.  They were all gracious enough to let us go. 


I stepped out of the elevator and Eric’s parents and other relatives were there. I spontaneously started to cry. Jamie told me I’d be ok and then shook her fist at me telling me I’d ruin my make up. I couldn’t help but laugh. And we moved on.  Peter was taking pictures as we left the building. The bellman that helped with my car saw me and told me how beautiful I looked. And we all piled into the limo. (It was Jen, Abby –in a car seat- Elise, Traci, Carole on the side and Jamie and I sat in the back most seat.  We had a nice ride to the church. We listened to the radio. Mix 105.1.  It was about a 15-20 minute drive to the church.


As we pulled up I could see Eric and the groomsmen headed toward the sanctuary. In a panic I called my wedding planner saying that Eric was there and that he couldn’t see me before the wedding.  So she put him in the pastors office while we went into the bridesroom.  Then he was sent to the fellowship hall while we girls took our pictures.



Then we went back into the bride’s room to await the start of the ceremony. Many people including a groomsman and the best man came into and left the room..  But no Eric.  Thank goodness!


The pastor came in to go over the ceremony with me one last time so I would remember what to do. And then he left. All us girls just sat around and chatted. Abby threw a hissy fit and I said “if she walks she walks if she doesn’t that’s ok.” As the photographers assistant snapped photographs. 



Then the wedding coordinator let me know we are holding the start for a few minutes as we were waiting on Aunt Cincy. (I was told later she didn’t arrive until after I’d walked down the aisle – I don’t know if that’s true or not.)


Then we finally began.  All the girls left the brides room and the door was locked behind them.  I was alone in the room. I was nervous.  Shaking like a leaf.  My father came into get me and I watched my girls one by one go into the sanctuary.  Then the doors closed and we walked up to the  sanctuary door. The door opened and I saw my husband and started to cry. I cried half way down the aisle.


The ceremony went well.  My flower girls did a good job. ( I didn’t actually see what they did until I saw the wedding video.).  I feel like I did probably walk a little fast down the aisle because there was some waiting at the end of the aisle until the bridal march ended. My father gave me away to Eric and the ceremony started.


Our pastor said some wonderful words.  (he talked for a while) and we ended with the benediction…


    24 The LORD bless thee, and keep you:

   25The LORD make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you:

   26The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.


I just love that.

We proceeded back down the aisle and set up for our receiving line as people exited the church. I met some of Eric’s family for the first time in that line.  When everyone was through the line we stepped out to friends and family blowing bubbles as we passed to get into our limo which would take us around the block so that people could leave and we could come back for pictures. 


The only thing that really went wrong with the ceremony was the roses for the rose ceremony were not there and did not happen.  No one was the wiser except me and Eric and the pastor.  No biggie.


We took the pictures at the church and then Eric and I got back into our limo and headed to the reception site where we took MORE pictures.  Those were a lot of fun! But they lasted so long that we only got 10 minutes of our private cocktail hour (in that separate room)  But that’s ok.

Then we all lined up and waited to be introduced.  First – my parents, then his parents and Erica, then Jen and Abby (my other flower girl and my reader), then all my bridesmaids and groomsmen and then us.  Eric and I were introduced to” I feel Fine” by the Beatles.

Reception Highlights.

Our sweetheart table was on a stage in front of the dance floor so we could see everything.  The kids ran around the dance floor and it was very amusing.

Our first dance was lovely.

The toasts were heartfelt and beautiful and appropriate.  My maid of honor somehow managed to get my obsession with Penguins into her speech.

I cried during my husbands dance with his mom to “I am Your Child” by Barry Manilow. (there is a picture of my crying into my napkin)

I danced with my dad and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

One of our groomsmen, Wes, had all our guests come to our table so we were able to eat our meal.

The cake cutting went very well.  Eric only put a little cake on the end of my nose. I did the same to him. LOL!  The Grooms cake was never sliced.  I brought most of that to work.

The bouquet was caught by Mary, a friend of Eric’s parents or a relative I can’t remember. She was definitely a fun lady.

My groom ended up taking my garter off with his teeth even though he said he didn’t want to do that way back when.

The garter was caught by my friend and bridesmaid Carole’s son.  Eric’s cousin Lilo’s boyfriend Joe tried to pay the kid off to get the garter.  Its was pretty funny .  The DJ let the kid choose who to give it too and he went straight to Toby.  Toby put on mary’s leg with much fan fare.

I danced with Both Eric’s brother Ron and his father.  Eric danced with my mom.

 We had a ball. I had a wonderful time.  Our DJ was great.  Everyone said that the wedding was beautiful and the reception was fun.

 I couldn’t  have asked for a better day.  Although I was exhausted by the end of the night.

The only thingt went wrong at the reception isthe hotel ruined the top tier of mye by trying to put it in the box with the cake topper on it and smooshed the whole thing making it useless.  The cake topper is fine.


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